New business cards

My new business cards arrived in the post a couple of weeks back, pretty happy about that.

The good people at moo print these cards and when deciding on which product to go with I found that I couldn’t go past the 600gsm Luxe range. In a stroke of luck one of the stock choices they have has the same red for the centre ply that I use for my logo. Brilliant!

Pro-tip: if you are in Australasia, order from the euro/uk office as it will work out a little cheaper and the more importantly your cards will arrive quick-smart.

If you haven’t heard of moo before you should definitely check it out, not only to they print business cards with up to 50 designs on one side but they also produce custom sticker books, postcards and MiniCards. Oh yeah, you can print your Facebook, flickr, or picasa images if you like, simple easy integration.