It’s official, after 5+ years of freelancing I’m back on the payroll again!

Spending six months with the good people at Blirt! in a freelance capacity it was clear that our fit was too good to ignore, so freelance asset has evolved into the role of Art Director. We have had some exciting wins at Blirt! with some big projects fast approaching public release. I’ll be sure to keep you posted here on selected projects from time to time.

If you are part of a SME, you’ll be inspired by our strategic marketing approach. Check out this Blirt! case study: 900 New Prospects Delivered in 90 Days.

What this means for those looking for ‘a piece of the freelance designer pie’ is, I will only be able to take on a very select few projects from this point on… sad, I know, but it has to be this way if I want to keep my sanity and enjoy life.