RBNo3.1 Font

My internet feeds served up some font joy this morning, this lovely new typeface by Rene Bieder – RBNo3.1.

As described by Rene on his Behance post:

RBNo3.1 is a sans serif typeface with a technical and geometric appearance. The family includes 9 weights with matching italics. It’s large x-height makes it especially legible at small point sizes. RBNo3.1 feels comfortable in technical surroundings with short text passages, in brochures, catalogs, magazines, posters, websites headlines and logos.

As an intro offer, all 18 fonts of the RBNo3.1 typeface can be purchased for $60 until August 28 (Full price is $250) and RBNo3.1 Black is available to demo for free.

Check it out on Rene’s Behance post.

RBNo3.1 Typography Sample