Queensland based RTO Tri Training engaged Blirt to create a digital ad campaign to improve lead flow and reduce cost per sale. With the unique sales proposition and google adwords strategy locked down, I was tasked to come up with the design and build of the landing page, plus implementation of the lead nurturing (aka ‘drip program’).

With an established style guide in place, the lead generation page was crafted to serve up a simple and easy to navigate content hierarchy. The resident Blirt SEM expert was constantly consulted to make sure the design was staying on course for the best possible cost per click value.

Once we had finalised the design, it was time to leave Photoshop and fire up my code editor of choice, Coda. I used the Bootstrap framework as the base for the responsive landing page, which meant a fast development time. Style refinements to suit various screen sizes were made, then browser and device testing to make sure visitors had a great experience no matter what device they used to view the page.

A custom styled form was created in the marketing automation platform, along with a unique tracking script; both of which were then incorporation in the landing page. Further SEO / SEM refinements were also made to the code to maximise google adwords quality score. Finally we put together a four step nurturing program that drip fed potential students all the information they would need to further their education with Tri Training.

All this work resulted in Tri Training gaining a 40% reduction in cost per sale.

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