Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Website for BBC Worldwide
Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Website form elements
Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Website slider elements

As 2012 was drawing to the end of it’s penultimate quarter, hushed meetings were being held at the R&B offices with code names thrown around like a hot potatoes. It turns out something big was in the making, or at least we were about to make something big. Something that had the potential to thrust sic-fi fans into involuntary happy-place comas…it was the official Doctor Who 50th anniversary website for BBC Worldwide (queue dramatic audio sting).

It was a lot of fun being on the design team for Doctor Who, not to mention a few late nights. I got seriously involved with clear cutting characters out of archival photos (60+), some images nearing 50 years old and noisy as a child’s sugar fuelled birthday party. There were a few iterations of TARDIS inspired sliders before the final scratched steel look was settled on. So many little details were agonised over knowing just how devoted the fans of the series are.

The Doctor Who team is releasing new content over the coming months as they count down to the 50th anniversary. So make sure you check back often to see what new gems have been released from the archive.

Check out R&B’s portfolio piece for further details on what went into creating the 50th Anniversary Doctor Who website.