October 2014

I was approached to re-design the Nickelodeon email newsletter by the Sydney communications department at Viacom. The team had been sending out an all image based newsletter for a long time which is not great at making it past spam filters, not to mention the problem with a huge percentage of users not having images display by default.

With the need to cater to mobile devices coupled with a recent rebrand of Nickelodeon, it came time for their EDM template to get a little love.

After some back and forth with the team discussing the wish list of features versus the massive restrictions in designing for the inbox (and then going responsive!) the brief was set, and the green light was given.

After a quick turn around the finalised photoshop files were winging their way through the internets to Sydney ready for slicing and dicing. Due to a suddenly condensed timeline the template was coded in-house by the Sydney team, but I just couldn’t resist making up a prototype of the template using the awesome ink framework from zurb. When viewing the prototype, resize the browser to see the mobile version spring into action.