Animate it! iPlayer ads

iPlayer CBeebies animated banner artwork

With the rise of the iPad/iPhone and the death of flash on all other mobile devices, advertisers are looking to a new replacement for flash…namely HTML5 and CSS3. But some are looking to the past as well as the future and the humble animated gif has some legs in it yet. In this digital age it’s nice to see something birthed in 1989 can still keep up with the new kids.

In at R&B recently we have been creating online ad material for the BBC iPlayer platform, and animated gifs have been working a treat. You can see in the sample above I created, that with a little imagination and know-how you can still create something interesting and engaging. The one big challenge that wont go away however, is the balance between smooth animations and file size. This is where the new kids (HTML5 & CSS3) will shine.

Top Gear Series 18 Micro-site


Top Gear teaser

The new ‘series 18’ of the massively popular Top Gear is about to start hitting TV screens around the globe and the series micro-site is just days away from launch.

I have been spending a good portion time with the super talented team at R&B Creative, and over the course of time I was privileged enough to be elected to do all the high-end Photoshop retouching and compositing.

Mark Bannister and Adam Finden created a fantastic front end design which made the retouch work even more of a joy to develop.